Team Fortress 2 (Invasion) models for retail

About a week ago (or more?) I was asked if I could port the models from the old Team Fortress 2 concept known as Invasion. I figured why not, but it turned out the decompiler we’ve got for the older formats didn’t fully understand the format, so I had to implement that properly. I found some old model format documents on my external harddrive and implemented support to the decompiler for v32, v35 and v36 model formats which should more or less all decompile properly.

Alien and Human commando from Team Fortress 2

The mesh files and some animation applied (I forgot which one, I just picked a random one)

Turns out Valve figured it could be fun rotating the collision models between model formats which means all v35/36 models are rotated one way, and everything above that is rotated in a completely diffeent way, thus resulting in some funky errors like these.

Collision model ohoy!
Collision model ohoy!

This wasn’t fixed, and I’m not sure I can be bothered to look more into it since there’s only a few models below the regular 37 version from the leak. I asked Snood to fix the collision models and he was up for it. A+!

Finally I got them both ported properly, but it seemed the Alien Commando kept crashing the model viewer but that seems to be a Alien Swarm branch related error (model handling is different in that). I haven’t looked into it, and I doubt I will.

Finally here’s a link to the models only a little late (hey I’ve been busy in real life as usual).

Got any questions or requests feel free to write below. I’d appreciate it if you kept the readme or left some credits somewhere (preferably a link to this blog) if you include these models in something. Thanks 🙂

(oh, and this got me started on porting the tf2 gameplay to retail for whatever reason, I was sufficiently bored when I started that project)

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Wunderboy quits. Insolence. DuctTape. Sledgehammer.

Seems to me that Source modding is more and more drawing its last breaths.

Wunderboy, the guy behind several tools that you’ve surely used if you did anything beyond mapping for Source, announced that he stopped working on his tools. He’s one of the really old players on the Goldsrc/Source modding field. I remember when I started modding back in 2002 (10 years ago – oh my!) that I stumbled upon his modified version of Half-Life Model Viewer (originally developed by Mete Ciragan – the guy behind MilkShape3D).

Anyway, I guess this made me realize how few people are still doing anything worth following with Source. Valve’s continued ability to ignore its entire community is simply sad to see. I could go on a long rant here how they’ve done with worst job with the SDK ever, but everything’s been said already so I’ll save my breath. I can’t seem to abandon the engine just yet, and deep down I’m still hoping that once Half-Life 3 is released Valve will once again release a proper SDK. But I guess that’s a bit too much to hope for.

The “Anti Gabe’N’Missing Information” community seems to pulled their resources together in an effort to make a mod for Source that replaces their need for Missing Information. Personally I wish them luck, I can see why they’re doing it. They have a different desire in terms of what they need. We haven’t released a version of Missing Information yet that would require us to add the Cremator or Conscripts and a lot of other NPCs (they have been included in previous versions though!) thus we haven’t spend time on it. They’ve published a Moddb page for the mod in care anyone would be interested in tracking the progress they’re making. Previously they’ve been looking for a programmer, and I’d offer my services, however I know they wouldn’t want it, so I’ve held back.


The progress of DuctTape slowly continues. I recently got my hands on an attempt zombie@computer made at making a Hammer replacement called SledgeHammer – including the messy source code.

However its built on .NET 3.5 and XNA 3 for the renderer, which isn’t compatible with pretty much everything I’ve done. Unfortunately it seems very little code will be of use since I’m doing DuctTape in WPF and SledgeHammer is WinForms based. Its a shame since zombie@computer got pretty far before he abandoned the project.

DuctTape in its current state:

DuctTape’s current rendering capabilities isn’t anywhere near useful in anyway, its merely just a test of integrating XNA with WPF, which I’m still not sure is the best approach (alternative being a SlimDX renderer written from scratch – a lot more work!), however it works well for now (as some might notice, the version with the four views is a different version of DuctTape used for the XNA stuff only).

I think that’s all for now. I just wanted to post a minor update. I’m busy with our 1st year exam in school, so that’s taking up a lot of time these days. I really hope I’ll be able to show more of DuctTape and actual Missing Information progress in the next update!

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Dark Interval. Half-Life 2: The Origin. Missing Information.

Welcome to 2012. This will be a great year for Missing Information. We’re planning at least one release this year, and hopefully loads of media will be published too! I’m glad to say that we’ve managed to more or less fix the notorious “Too many vertex format changes in frame, whole world not rendered” error with some fancy Area Portal work. Even though hunting down that error turned out to be quite time consuming I’ve had time (and more motivation) to work on other things. I’ve worked a bit on Industrial

These images are pretty good candidates for the world’s most boring media – and they’re not even official hah! Anyway. From time to time we see various modifications trying to remake that famous Raising the Bar story Valve published in 2004 with their “Half-Life 2: Raising the Bar” book. Most of them tend to fail fairly quick because they’re either not committed enough or simply doesn’t have the team for it. We’ve seen two modifications that’s been hanging in there for a while, and I’ve personally found it interesting to see their updates.

Dark Interval

My impression of this is basically Missing Information back in 2005-ish. There doesn’t seem to be anything particular they’re focusing on at first. They’ve released images of several different areas which suggests they’re pretty much working on everything at the same time. Latest media updates have shown the Manhack Arcade. The quality of their latest updates have certainly been a lot higher than the first few updates. It’s definitely a mod worth watching out for.

Half-Life 2: The Origin

These guys have changed their names a couple of times but it seems they’ve finally settled on “Half-Life 2: The Origin” (previously Half-Life 2 – Beta Source). Not sure what to say about this. They’ve posted buildings in their last couple of updates that’s basically model versions of buildings. While I haven’t seen them ingame, I’m fairly certain that it’ll give them loads of headaches (speaking from experience here).

Good luck to both mods though! Hopefully we’ll have some new media ready for you guys. I might be posting some more images of stuff I’m working on.

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School. Windows Phone 7. Missing Information(?).

Hey what’s this? A new theme and an update?
5 months since the last post. I really need to update this more often.

Missing Information is it dead? No. That’s the short answer. The long answer is really the usual answer. Our lives take up too much of our time. It doesn’t really help that Valve still haven’t released the Source 2009 code base (which would allow us to fully support the Mac), or anything else that’s useful to the SDK (fuck that hat shit they released earlier this month). We haven’t posted anything remotely interesting on the Tub either. Here’s a recap anyway.

Terminal. Fuck that map. Apparently the Source engine can’t handle this map anymore, and our attempts to fix it has been fruitless so far. We are struggling with “Too many vertex format changes in frame, whole world not rendered” appearing in the map at certain angles, stopping parts of the map from rendering. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to track this down yet. I took it on as my personal case to figure this out, but I’ve given up on it to be honest.
Terminal - Texture list

As for the Episodic model. Apparently it didn’t work for Valve, and it isn’t really working out for us with our current motivation and time. Instead we’ve decided to release chapters instead, in no particular order since we’d rather work on stuff that’s interesting for us to work on. We’ll hopefully be able to share more information about this soon.


As for my personal life. I moved to another city and went back to school in late August. Which is nice since that actually gives me more time to work on Missing Information and relax when I get home. For those interested my education will result in “AP Graduate in Computer Science” – if I recall correctly.

Windows Phone 7

My HTC Desire was stolen a couple of weeks back which meant I needed a new phone. I had the HTC Sensation (Android) in mind but suddenly got interested in the HTC Titan instead which runs Windows Phone 7. I was worried the Facebook integration from HTC’s “HTC Sense” would be something I would miss too much. Turns out this isn’t something I miss at all since most of those features comes with Windows Phone 7 out of the box. So far my best experience with a mobile OS. Honestly though I did consider the iPhone 4 for a while since I like its built-in “Find my phone” stuff. However those features are in Windows Phone 7 too including the ability to make it ring if its lost (and you don’t have another phone available to call it with). I was even more pleased when I noticed the ability to remotely wipe the data on the phone – excellent if it gets stolen. The HTC Desire was able to hold a charge for about 12 or less (depending on the usage). My HTC Titan can hold for 2 days and 6 hours on one charge – what a world!

Specifications of the phone can be found here.

That’s all for now folks, I hope some still reads this blog eventhough its updated like twice a year (I hope that’ll change too!).

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Missing Information 1.6 feedback. LulzSec. Tools.

I believe its time to update this silly blog again. I could post several paragraphs on how I’ve been busy and all those cliche things but let’s just skip that. We’ll pretend the last update was last week (when in fact its over a year ago).

Missing Information 1.6 was released – finally! It’s such a great feeling to finally have this out of the door even though there’s some obvious bugs (some of them were supposed to be fixed, but apparently I somehow missed a couple of files). We’ve been receiving a lot of feedback, especially from our most valued fans. I’d like to take the time to comment on a few of the posts they’ve made in this thread on their forums.

Inquisitor Doomlord wrote:
The Rooftops however are bad.It’s virtually the same map like in 1.5 with a darker skybox,some new textures and some additional scripting.No imagining, no improvements over the orignal level design, nothing.This map was the worst in the entire mod.

My honest opinion? Yes the rooftops map is horrible! We discussed cutting it, but we were already cutting too much (e3_ship, building blocks and so on), and we did spend time on it (however its been so fucked up by the original mapper in the first place – no, not Flat Zeus. None of his work is included in any version of MI). The decision to leave the rooftops in was mine, and mine alone. Far from my best decision I’ll gladly admit that. It was either releasing it and take the fire, or cut it and take fire for showing something that wouldn’t make it into a release after all.

TheFurryCleric wrote:
Most of this could of been done in a month… And since they are a whole team of mappers, i’d say 2 weeks. Either they are just lazy or else they dont really know mapping very well… Where did all the moments go i was waiting for D:? 2 years, no release. Finally it’s totally dissapointing.

Yes, this could have been done in a month if we in fact had a whole team of mappers, but we don’t. I guess that misconception is my fault seeing the team page isn’t updated with the appropriate roles. However the size of our patch grew a lot bigger than expected which caused great amounts of delay. There’s several other things that got in the way but there’s no point in writing all that down now.

someone3333 wrote:
Didn’t Zeus leave after 1.4?

LambdaCore 21 wrote:
it was his map, they just fucked it up even more in 1.6

No, and no. Flat Zeus wasn’t on the team when 1.4 was released. He left between 1.5.1 and 1.6. None of his content is in the mod, and he never touched the Rooftops map.

The Dude wrote:
Odell’s model and welding sequences has some bugs, and the SPAS-12 and OICW are pure shit; you can modify the origins all you want, the models are still gonna suck.

We never touched the origin of those weapons, I’m not sure where people are getting that idea.

The Dude wrote:
The OICW still has awful textures on the world model, and you’ve clearly shown that there does exist a good world model, so why not use that?

Long story short, the model was lost.

@gabeslovetub / @LulzSec

In other news we’ve now got a Twitter account for Gabe’s Love Tub @gabeslovetub. We’ll try to post minor updates there since we can’t produce enough interesting content to have weekly (nor monthly) updates. The main idea behind the account is to show we’re not dead, nothing else.

While we’re talking about Twitter, I recommend following @LulzSec. Quite interesting, and hilarious, really!


I’ve been looking into C# for a while now, its a language that I’d like to learn for several reasons. However I had an idea to make a fully integrated IDE for developing for Source (well, what I can overcome at first). A preview below of what I’ve been thinking of so far (yes, I’m quite aware there already is a tool called DuctTape, however its not being worked on anymore and I needed a name ;))

That’s all for now. I hope I can update this blog with some modding the Source engine tips someday. Who knows. Peace out.

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Missing Information. Working decompiler. Girlfriend.

Once again I find myself thinking, and looking at my blog know its been way too long since I last updated it. I’ve been really busy since the last post in September, and a lot happened! I’m not entirely sure where to start – as usual.

First of all we’re working on getting the latest patch for Missing Information out which is really close to being done (there’s bound to be bugs in it, so there might be a 1.5.3 after all, who knows) September 20th the change log was like this

  • Odell crash fixed on the Borealis
  • Updated Rooftops map
  • Updated animations on the Flaregun
  • Updated Combine Soldier models
  • Updated binocular skin
  • Updated zombie model
  • Tweaked the Stalker’s damage

January 17th, after a billion delays the change log was like this. Almost three times longer!

  • Odell crash fixed on the Borealis
  • Combine Elite will not attempt to use the Pulse Rifle’s secondary attack if not equipped
  • Updated Rooftops map
  • Updated the Borealis maps
  • Updated animations on the Flaregun
  • Updated zoom effects on the sniperrifle
  • Updated AK47 model
  • Updated OICW model
  • Updated Physgun model
  • Updated credits.txt to reflect current roster
  • Added e3_under to the E3 presentation
  • Added phong lighting to several models
  • Added normal maps to several models
  • New particle effects
  • New Alyx model & skin
  • New Stalker model & animations
  • New Incendiary Rifle (I-Rifle) model & animations
  • New Combine Soldier models
  • New MP5K skin
  • New MP5K sounds
  • New binocular skin
  • New Classic Zombie skin
  • New HUD icons for several weapons
  • Tweaked the SMG1 firing rate
  • Tweaked the SMG2 firing rate
  • Tweaked the Flare guns reload time
  • Tweaked the Stalker damage

Of course there’s a couple of changes that aren’t included in the changelog, but they’re not worth mentioning.

There’s a couple of reasons for the delay of 1.5.2. First of all, around the release of 1.5.2 Skidz, Hyperjag3 and I did some intense work in our decompiler which we managed to complete the mesh, animations, facial animation (flexes), collision model, LODs and the entire QC output in about a week (so pretty much the entire decompiler is done). We did well, and it delayed 1.5.2.
Around October I was going to a fancy party wearing a suit and whatnot. I invited a random girl I met at a previous get-together. Long story short she’s now my girlfriend (we’ve been together for 6 months next month – 8th May specifically). She’s been taking alot of my time. Mugofdoom, Isotope and Red have been busy with school and other personal stuff.

The Missing Information team have had some changes too. We’ve said good bye to more or less all the old members (tundra_cool got hired by Gearbox). On the other hand Junk from Team GabeN is now part of our team. We have more or less merged with Team GabeN. Junk made some huge changes to the entire Borealis while we’re waiting for some of the last content for 1.5.2.

Entering the Borealis

The Borealis Bridge

The Borealis

The Axel Project made their first release which is a set of updated binaries. I haven’t tried them myself (at least not enough to say anything about them), but I’m not impressed based on what I heard. While we’re talking The Axel Project and whatnot. ApertureGaming opened again, and shut down. Apparently the host let it run without any bills being paid, which is also the reason it isn’t running anymore.

On another Axel Project note they also had their first leak, which I guess was more critical than any we ever had in GabeN. Ben was kicked off the team and decided to leak the source code to several sites such as RIN. Ben is a former Team GabeN member, but was kicked because he didn’t really have any talents. Most of all The Axel Project seems dead. As far as I can tell from their site they’ve lost some of the data in their database (lastest blog post, loads of posts in their forums etc.). I haven’t talked to anybody on their team, so I wouldn’t know.

Regarding my blog itself, I’ve changed the comment system so its using DISQUS. Which means that you don’t have to register a user if you already have a Disqus user. This hopefully stops all those spambots from registering too!

Finally I bought myself a new monitor since I was getting tired of the amount of space my old Samsung SyncMaster 2032BW (20″) gave me. 1620×1050 just wasn’t enough for me. So I bought an Asus VW266H a nice 26″ monitor. All screens in my images directory will now be in the resolution 1920×1200 :)! While I was at it I bought a HDMI cable, since the new monitor got DVI-D, VGA and HDMI inputs so its a monitor I’ll be able to enjoy for a long time. I got tired of my old Nokia 5310 XpressMusic too, so I’ve ordered a HTC Desire. More on this when I get it. I’ve thought about ordering a new GPU, but I don’t know. My Asus GTX260 is still able to play most games.

I do believe this is all that’s worth mentioning. I’ll update this either when I get my new phone, release 1.5.2 or some other interesting thing happens!

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Gabe’s Love Tub. Missing Information. GabeN.

Might as well start this one with its been a long time since I wrote something here, and a lot happened since last time – that seems to getting a bit classic around here. Might as well make this clear. Missing Information is not dead and version 1.6 isn’t released (a few users and moderators at HLFallout thinks this is the case, for some reason).

There’s been much kiddy drama since last time, something I promised myself not to bother commenting on. Said kids wouldn’t listen anyway because… Well I guess because they ARE kids. It’s not my job to parent them so let them be.

We had some down time at Gabe’s Love Tub back in July because our old host Snakez (administrator of legendary HL2World & couldn’t afford the hosting anymore. Long story short, Andy got a copy of the Tub including the database and domain for free which means he’s now hosting it for us. Shortly after this incident we had a team meeting where we agreed it was time for the Tub to grow up. So basically there’s a new friendly attitude in the Tub 😉

Missing Information is progressing. I finally took the time to finish the pages on our main site (honestly this didn’t have that high priority). We’ll be doing a media release, and announcing some change in a, hopefully, not so distant future! Look forward to this!

While we’re at it. Some of you might have noticed we updated the GabeN Wiki with more information about the old story line, and somewhat the progress of our project.

And finally let me mention The Axel Project while I’m already talking about leak related projects. I got a rather rude message from one of their members calling himself Ben (he used to be on GabeN) about one month ago. See for yourself here. What I now find very – well not really sure whether this is hilarious or sad, but I’m quoting

we got v18-v20 bsp support
shared model support
full v37 model support
and a bunch of other shit
so fuck you and your gay gaben team

youll see in 2 or 3 weeks

Let me now, for hilarity refer to the latest post on their website/blog.

As you can see in this image there is no such thing as working bloom nor proper shader support on nVidia GPUs.

e3_lab with broken nVidia shaders

Not really sure why I’m bother pointing this out. Especially not when there’s other interesting news such as we’ve disabled hotlinking from our sites (includes the Tub) which have resulted in hilarities! This is all for now, I admit this isn’t the best post I’ve ever made but I wanted to test the script Andy <3 wrote for me 🙂

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Leaving. Michael Jackson. Updates.

As all of you probably heard Michael Jackson died. Certainly not something I expected, but then again. Oh well. He was a great man, that’s for sure.

I kinda feel I’m repeating myself in every post I make here. So lets just get it over. Missing Information is not dead! And neither is GabeN (we got our forums back up recently, in case you’ve got any questions) and Andy is still working on GabeNet. It’s temporary shut down, which explains why you can’t connect.

I myself have been working on tracking down a lame ass bug, regarding the Citizen models in the leak, I most likely have introduced myself ages ago, and didn’t really investigate until now. The weird thing is it only happens when Citizens are spawned in a certain way. Something I haven’t done anything to.

I’m leaving for a while since I’m going somewhere. If you want to know, just take a look at my previous blog entries, one of them explains it. I’ll have turned 21 when I return. The girls I’m currently living with will have moved out (they graduated three days ago – so congratulations to them), and new ones might have moved in. How about that?

Not entirely sure I’ve said everything I said. Who knows, I might return in the middle of the week to say hello. I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten something but I have to go.

Finally I’m just gonna leave this link here. Not really sure why seeing how it’s thing of the past.

Gabe’s Love Tub might be gone when I’m back, but who knows. I’d rather not talk about that before I’m certain. If it is gone though, doesn’t mean Missing Information is dead!

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Something for your amusement (or whatever)!

What’s up vanilla face? It’s been pretty gay around here lately. I’m going to make a blog post soon about what’s going on. In the meanwhile enjoy this shitty leaked version of “Lambda Core 21″‘s Air Exchange. It’s quite hideous.

I haven’t touched it myself, I’m only hosting this for shits and giggles. So I don’t have any screen shots for you.
I did take the liberty of decompiling the map for you, though 🙂


Check out his Steam Community Group, it’ll give you a cheap laugh for sure!

Anyway, Junk posted more images of what we’ve been doing lately. I can’t really think of anything interesting to say right now. Good bye!

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Windows 7. Great progress. Love Tub.

Let me start with getting this out of the way. I’m guessing everybody that reads this blog knows it anyway. The Love Tub is back, along with Missing Information, so drop by if you haven’t already.

In my last real update I mentioned I was using an old Geforce 7900GT. Well that’s gone now, and have been replaced with an awesome Asus Geforce GTX260 that basically runs everything perfectly so far.

Since last time a lot have happened. I recently started over on my decompiler. The current QC output (comparing with Cannonfodders decompiler output) looks like this. I reimplemented the highlighting of vertices assigned to a specific bone (uncommented the code basically, it was THAT hard!) which is going to be quite helpful eventually when I need it.

Blake decided to update his blog with a somewhat interesting update, and changed his template. Junk posted a recent staff photo on his blog, worth a look.

It seems I once again have to make this clear. We (GabeN) aren’t doing what we do to satisfy anyone, we’re only doing it for our own sake and experience, so we really don’t care if you aren’t going to download our game when we release (we know you are going to do it anyway). Raynorpat and those guys decided to start their project called “The Axel Project“. Good luck to them.

If you haven’t heard this already, Microsoft released a public beta of Windows 7 (build 7000) in January, which I decided to check out. Let me just say I haven’t used Windows Vista once since I installed this back in January. I recently updated to build 7048 which is really awesome. Three screens from build 7000 here. Might upload more later.

I think that’s pretty much it, I don’t recall anything interesting happen besides what’s been said so far – well some shizzle in my personal life but I’m not going to mention it here. Maybe later for laughs.

Oh, I mentioned in my last blog post that Pawnstick didn’t hijack that YouTube account. Guess what. I didn’t do it either, the guy who did it just decided to share the account info with us.

So who did it Superbird did it?

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