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Wunderboy quits. Insolence. DuctTape. Sledgehammer.

Seems to me that Source modding is more and more drawing its last breaths. Wunderboy, the guy behind several tools that you’ve surely used if you did anything beyond mapping for Source, announced that he stopped working on his tools. … Continue reading

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Missing Information 1.6 feedback. LulzSec. Tools.

I believe its time to update this silly blog again. I could post several paragraphs on how I’ve been busy and all those cliche things but let’s just skip that. We’ll pretend the last update was last week (when in … Continue reading

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Missing Information. Working decompiler. Girlfriend.

Once again I find myself thinking, and looking at my blog know its been way too long since I last updated it. I’ve been really busy since the last post in September, and a lot happened! I’m not entirely sure … Continue reading

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