Windows 7. Great progress. Love Tub.

Let me start with getting this out of the way. I’m guessing everybody that reads this blog knows it anyway. The Love Tub is back, along with Missing Information, so drop by if you haven’t already.

In my last real update I mentioned I was using an old Geforce 7900GT. Well that’s gone now, and have been replaced with an awesome Asus Geforce GTX260 that basically runs everything perfectly so far.

Since last time a lot have happened. I recently started over on my decompiler. The current QC output (comparing with Cannonfodders decompiler output) looks like this. I reimplemented the highlighting of vertices assigned to a specific bone (uncommented the code basically, it was THAT hard!) which is going to be quite helpful eventually when I need it.

Blake decided to update his blog with a somewhat interesting update, and changed his template. Junk posted a recent staff photo on his blog, worth a look.

It seems I once again have to make this clear. We (GabeN) aren’t doing what we do to satisfy anyone, we’re only doing it for our own sake and experience, so we really don’t care if you aren’t going to download our game when we release (we know you are going to do it anyway). Raynorpat and those guys decided to start their project called “The Axel Project“. Good luck to them.

If you haven’t heard this already, Microsoft released a public beta of Windows 7 (build 7000) in January, which I decided to check out. Let me just say I haven’t used Windows Vista once since I installed this back in January. I recently updated to build 7048 which is really awesome. Three screens from build 7000 here. Might upload more later.

I think that’s pretty much it, I don’t recall anything interesting happen besides what’s been said so far – well some shizzle in my personal life but I’m not going to mention it here. Maybe later for laughs.

Oh, I mentioned in my last blog post that Pawnstick didn’t hijack that YouTube account. Guess what. I didn’t do it either, the guy who did it just decided to share the account info with us.

So who did it Superbird did it?

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21 Responses to Windows 7. Great progress. Love Tub.

  1. LambdaCore 21 says:

    interesting how a man like you can go apeshit over a YouTube account hacking

    anyway you guys once again scream for attention, i like this 🙂

  2. Inevitab13 says:

    Wow, we even got a mention. Not sure if it’s sarcasm or not but OK!

  3. Krunchy says:

    Please for the love of god don’t base your QC output on Cannonfodder’s, his is complete fail.

    Use Valve’s SDK QC samples as a reference!

  4. Hogsy says:

    So who did it Superbird did it?

  5. Hogsy says:

    Yeah sure whatever your still a faggot either way.

  6. Hogsy says:

    The Damages done due to GabeNs hacks:

    Email = hacked (2)
    Facebook = hacked
    Blog = hacked (2)
    OldTimes Forum = hacked
    Xbox Live = (this was effected due to the email being hacked) -£20 for loss of arcade games
    AG Forum account = hacked
    Youtube = hacked (2)

    Youtube = hacked

    Steam = hacked

  7. ScarT^ says:

    I think its rather pathetic that you enjoy raping peoples asses who speak the truth just like you did on my Facebook account:

    Its nice for you to try and effect my personal life but I think your taking this a little too far to be honest.
    If you look at this carfully you will notice that Famouss is nowhere to be seen except for popbob, pawnstick, scart, lamp and all the other fags who enjoy visiting.

    Also may I add that before you hacked me shitless I was going to be restarting my life thus the name change and adding you but cleary: ScarT: Dumbshit hogsy, shows that you arnt very nice people.

    I finish here and say that I hope you fuck off and get away from my life.
    Just wanted to quickly post the truth here.

  8. LambdaCore 21 says:


  9. LambdaCore 21 says:

    well i prefer to play TeeWorlds with FarT^ 😀

  10. Inevitab13 says:

    Hogsy: It’s not anyone else’s fault you have a shitty password, and if someone else finds it out naturally they’re going to get tempted and have a go at logging in to other shit.

    Here’s some advice from Blake: LRN2FUCKINGPASSWORD

  11. Superbird says:

    Thanks for the mention!

  12. LambdaCore 21 says:

    and how should you do it when you have no chance against hacker-tricks? is there a hacking protection? i thought not

    advice from me: STFU

  13. ScarT^ says:

    Actually there is a protection against hacker tricks. Its called using a smart password, and don’t use it for everything.

    I suggest you stop throwing these accusations around like that, when you clearly don’t have any evidence.

  14. LambdaCore 21 says:

    hacking alone is evidence enough, no more proofs needed

  15. Inevitab13 says:

    Lesson Learned: Use a different password for each site/email/steam acc

    Again, once your password for something is found out, naturally the guy who got it is going to try it on other stuff too tbh

  16. LambdaCore 21 says:

    yep, almost every1 would do this

  17. ArmoredScout says:

    Got some bad news gents, the Half Life Russian Site is gone. The fucker just up and went ka-put I geuss. This is the point when everyone who doesnt tollerate the Beta War looses it. Congrats.
    Also, before the russian site went down, my account there was hacked.

  18. EvilGenius[RO] says:

    And why does it work for me ? Also there are others online on the forum so it means that you have problems connecting to it

  19. no0od13s says:

    Wow, this is the biggest drama since the whole care shit at Grigs. Nice to see you are still working on the beta (that no body cares about anymore).

  20. no0od13s says:

    oh btw your website is down.