Leaving. Michael Jackson. Updates.

As all of you probably heard Michael Jackson died. Certainly not something I expected, but then again. Oh well. He was a great man, that’s for sure.

I kinda feel I’m repeating myself in every post I make here. So lets just get it over. Missing Information is not dead! And neither is GabeN (we got our forums back up recently, in case you’ve got any questions) and Andy is still working on GabeNet. It’s temporary shut down, which explains why you can’t connect.

I myself have been working on tracking down a lame ass bug, regarding the Citizen models in the leak, I most likely have introduced myself ages ago, and didn’t really investigate until now. The weird thing is it only happens when Citizens are spawned in a certain way. Something I haven’t done anything to.

I’m leaving for a while since I’m going somewhere. If you want to know, just take a look at my previous blog entries, one of them explains it. I’ll have turned 21 when I return. The girls I’m currently living with will have moved out (they graduated three days ago – so congratulations to them), and new ones might have moved in. How about that?

Not entirely sure I’ve said everything I said. Who knows, I might return in the middle of the week to say hello. I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten something but I have to go.

Finally I’m just gonna leave this link here. Not really sure why seeing how it’s thing of the past.

Gabe’s Love Tub might be gone when I’m back, but who knows. I’d rather not talk about that before I’m certain. If it is gone though, doesn’t mean Missing Information is dead!

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5 Responses to Leaving. Michael Jackson. Updates.

  1. Leo says:

    Why might the tub go down?

  2. Inevitab13 says:

    Sad to hear you’re leaving 🙁

    Hope you have fun at wherever you’re going

  3. Inevitab13 says:

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Cave says:

    Happy Birthday!!

  5. ArmoredScout says:

    Meh. Shit happens. Good luck with your stuff ‘n things.