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Might as well start this one with its been a long time since I wrote something here, and a lot happened since last time – that seems to getting a bit classic around here. Might as well make this clear. Missing Information is not dead and version 1.6 isn’t released (a few users and moderators at HLFallout thinks this is the case, for some reason).

There’s been much kiddy drama since last time, something I promised myself not to bother commenting on. Said kids wouldn’t listen anyway because… Well I guess because they ARE kids. It’s not my job to parent them so let them be.

We had some down time at Gabe’s Love Tub back in July because our old host Snakez (administrator of legendary HL2World & couldn’t afford the hosting anymore. Long story short, Andy got a copy of the Tub including the database and domain for free which means he’s now hosting it for us. Shortly after this incident we had a team meeting where we agreed it was time for the Tub to grow up. So basically there’s a new friendly attitude in the Tub 😉

Missing Information is progressing. I finally took the time to finish the pages on our main site (honestly this didn’t have that high priority). We’ll be doing a media release, and announcing some change in a, hopefully, not so distant future! Look forward to this!

While we’re at it. Some of you might have noticed we updated the GabeN Wiki with more information about the old story line, and somewhat the progress of our project.

And finally let me mention The Axel Project while I’m already talking about leak related projects. I got a rather rude message from one of their members calling himself Ben (he used to be on GabeN) about one month ago. See for yourself here. What I now find very – well not really sure whether this is hilarious or sad, but I’m quoting

we got v18-v20 bsp support
shared model support
full v37 model support
and a bunch of other shit
so fuck you and your gay gaben team

youll see in 2 or 3 weeks

Let me now, for hilarity refer to the latest post on their website/blog.

As you can see in this image there is no such thing as working bloom nor proper shader support on nVidia GPUs.

e3_lab with broken nVidia shaders

Not really sure why I’m bother pointing this out. Especially not when there’s other interesting news such as we’ve disabled hotlinking from our sites (includes the Tub) which have resulted in hilarities! This is all for now, I admit this isn’t the best post I’ve ever made but I wanted to test the script Andy <3 wrote for me 🙂

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21 Responses to Gabe’s Love Tub. Missing Information. GabeN.

  1. Saul Rennison says:

    On the blog post:
    “Refraction and reflection shader improvements (only water at the moment);”

    Don’t let what Ben says reflect (ironically what we can’t do) on the team.

  2. Ywa says:

    Yo, I am really happy for you, and I will let you finish. But Valve made the best game of all time. Best game of all time!

  3. ynh says:

    That’s funny ScarT,

    Shaders seem fine to me… 😐

  4. G0rdon says:

    hmm i see working shaders :P?

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  6. ScarT^ says:

    You guys should open your eyes. Look at the tanks. That ain’t right!

  7. ScarT^ says:

    I’m still showing the image originally posted. Just remirrored on my space. I wouldn’t want double standards by mentioning hotlinking being disabled to the Tub, and then hotlink from someone else 🙂

  8. Inevitab13 says:

    I guess it’s good to be consistent. 🙂

  9. ScarT^ says:

    Good to see you fixed it though. I remember when we originally fixed it, oh lord!

  10. ynh says:

    Simple fix, bitch to find.

  11. ynh says:

    Forgot to add this to the other post: You’ve got some competition 😉

  12. ScarT^ says:

    Haha yeah indeed! We didn’t really believe it was the bug when it was found. Honestly we’ve got no real competition. You’re about three years behind 😉

  13. ynh says:

    lol true. You don’t seem like such a bad guy, feel free to add me on steam 🙂

  14. ScarT^ says:

    LOL! Who told you I was a bad guy :D?
    (I don’t consider myself bad guy)

  15. ynh says:

    Nobody, I’m just sayin’ :p

  16. Inevitab13 says:

    Yeah, true. We haven’t got nearly as much content 🙁

    Also, no-one said you were a bad guy. But sometimes you give off that vibe. Meh, I guess it comes with the territory.

  17. ynh says:

    your mom comes with MY territory if u know wut i mean

  18. JR says:

    Hi MI, finally found you guys again. Its great to see making the E3 lab with the VO and scene animation work on the current build of the Source Engine. Would love to try maps like the all the Proto_Trainstation maps or the air exchange or d3_park or the WC map pack. No such luck without the Source engine, beta or anon just makes this complicated for folk like me without the time to do our own compiling.

  19. Junk says:

    well isn’t this special.

  20. Superbird says:

    Got another blog post coming anytime soon?