More HDR goodies!

Finally I found time to work on my HDR stuff, this time it’s d3_c17_01. I’ve been messin’ a bit round with the lightmap scale, as you may have notice on 🙂

That’s all for now. If you have any map you’d like to see with HDR, from the Half-Life 2 storyline feel free to suggest in the comments 😉

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4 Responses to More HDR goodies!

  1. Tono_Tako says:

    Nice work there, keep updating

  2. Viktor says:

    i like this HDR :p

  3. CoBB1e says:

    Your run Half-Life 2 via Particle Benchmark?
    I see the new shadows under the Alyx and Kleiner…
    And for result, you Half-Life 2 version equal version Half-Life 2 for Xbox 360. 😉

  4. ScarT^ says:

    I’m running it on the currently available version of the Source engine available on Steam 😉