Missing Information 1.6 feedback. LulzSec. Tools.

I believe its time to update this silly blog again. I could post several paragraphs on how I’ve been busy and all those cliche things but let’s just skip that. We’ll pretend the last update was last week (when in fact its over a year ago).

Missing Information 1.6 was released – finally! It’s such a great feeling to finally have this out of the door even though there’s some obvious bugs (some of them were supposed to be fixed, but apparently I somehow missed a couple of files). We’ve been receiving a lot of feedback, especially from our most valued fans. I’d like to take the time to comment on a few of the posts they’ve made in this thread on their forums.

Inquisitor Doomlord wrote:
The Rooftops however are bad.It’s virtually the same map like in 1.5 with a darker skybox,some new textures and some additional scripting.No imagining, no improvements over the orignal level design, nothing.This map was the worst in the entire mod.

My honest opinion? Yes the rooftops map is horrible! We discussed cutting it, but we were already cutting too much (e3_ship, building blocks and so on), and we did spend time on it (however its been so fucked up by the original mapper in the first place – no, not Flat Zeus. None of his work is included in any version of MI). The decision to leave the rooftops in was mine, and mine alone. Far from my best decision I’ll gladly admit that. It was either releasing it and take the fire, or cut it and take fire for showing something that wouldn’t make it into a release after all.

TheFurryCleric wrote:
Most of this could of been done in a month… And since they are a whole team of mappers, i’d say 2 weeks. Either they are just lazy or else they dont really know mapping very well… Where did all the moments go i was waiting for D:? 2 years, no release. Finally it’s totally dissapointing.

Yes, this could have been done in a month if we in fact had a whole team of mappers, but we don’t. I guess that misconception is my fault seeing the team page isn’t updated with the appropriate roles. However the size of our patch grew a lot bigger than expected which caused great amounts of delay. There’s several other things that got in the way but there’s no point in writing all that down now.

someone3333 wrote:
Didn’t Zeus leave after 1.4?

LambdaCore 21 wrote:
it was his map, they just fucked it up even more in 1.6

No, and no. Flat Zeus wasn’t on the team when 1.4 was released. He left between 1.5.1 and 1.6. None of his content is in the mod, and he never touched the Rooftops map.

The Dude wrote:
Odell’s model and welding sequences has some bugs, and the SPAS-12 and OICW are pure shit; you can modify the origins all you want, the models are still gonna suck.

We never touched the origin of those weapons, I’m not sure where people are getting that idea.

The Dude wrote:
The OICW still has awful textures on the world model, and you’ve clearly shown that there does exist a good world model, so why not use that?

Long story short, the model was lost.

@gabeslovetub / @LulzSec

In other news we’ve now got a Twitter account for Gabe’s Love Tub @gabeslovetub. We’ll try to post minor updates there since we can’t produce enough interesting content to have weekly (nor monthly) updates. The main idea behind the account is to show we’re not dead, nothing else.

While we’re talking about Twitter, I recommend following @LulzSec. Quite interesting, and hilarious, really!


I’ve been looking into C# for a while now, its a language that I’d like to learn for several reasons. However I had an idea to make a fully integrated IDE for developing for Source (well, what I can overcome at first). A preview below of what I’ve been thinking of so far (yes, I’m quite aware there already is a tool called DuctTape, however its not being worked on anymore and I needed a name ;))

That’s all for now. I hope I can update this blog with some modding the Source engine tips someday. Who knows. Peace out.

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5 Responses to Missing Information 1.6 feedback. LulzSec. Tools.

  1. Krunchy says:

    I thought you died from too much alcohol or something, good to see you’re still working with source 😀

  2. ynh says:

    Nice post! 🙂

    ‘DuctTape’ looks like it is coming along quite nicely as well 🙂

  3. Coder0xff says:

    Dude, I made ducttape open source. Rather than start a new project, why don’t you just pick up the torch?

  4. ScarT says:

    Hah, yeah I know! And thanks for that! I’ve been looking at the DuctTape code, it doesn’t compile under VS2010 (VTFLib doesn’t support – well rather, nvdxtlib doesn’t support vs2010) so I’m not entirely sure what to do about that!

    The XNA renderer is written for XNA 3.0(3.5?) and I’m debating whether I should just write a SlimDX renderer or look into XNA 4 😛

    Thanks for the suggestion though! And the incredible inspiration!

  5. suicidal.banana says:

    Good to see your still working on this!
    Dont mind the whiney kids, theres no mods for consoles, they hardly know what the word means.