School. Windows Phone 7. Missing Information(?).

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5 months since the last post. I really need to update this more often.

Missing Information is it dead? No. That’s the short answer. The long answer is really the usual answer. Our lives take up too much of our time. It doesn’t really help that Valve still haven’t released the Source 2009 code base (which would allow us to fully support the Mac), or anything else that’s useful to the SDK (fuck that hat shit they released earlier this month). We haven’t posted anything remotely interesting on the Tub either. Here’s a recap anyway.

Terminal. Fuck that map. Apparently the Source engine can’t handle this map anymore, and our attempts to fix it has been fruitless so far. We are struggling with “Too many vertex format changes in frame, whole world not rendered” appearing in the map at certain angles, stopping parts of the map from rendering. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to track this down yet. I took it on as my personal case to figure this out, but I’ve given up on it to be honest.
Terminal - Texture list

As for the Episodic model. Apparently it didn’t work for Valve, and it isn’t really working out for us with our current motivation and time. Instead we’ve decided to release chapters instead, in no particular order since we’d rather work on stuff that’s interesting for us to work on. We’ll hopefully be able to share more information about this soon.


As for my personal life. I moved to another city and went back to school in late August. Which is nice since that actually gives me more time to work on Missing Information and relax when I get home. For those interested my education will result in “AP Graduate in Computer Science” – if I recall correctly.

Windows Phone 7

My HTC Desire was stolen a couple of weeks back which meant I needed a new phone. I had the HTC Sensation (Android) in mind but suddenly got interested in the HTC Titan instead which runs Windows Phone 7. I was worried the Facebook integration from HTC’s “HTC Sense” would be something I would miss too much. Turns out this isn’t something I miss at all since most of those features comes with Windows Phone 7 out of the box. So far my best experience with a mobile OS. Honestly though I did consider the iPhone 4 for a while since I like its built-in “Find my phone” stuff. However those features are in Windows Phone 7 too including the ability to make it ring if its lost (and you don’t have another phone available to call it with). I was even more pleased when I noticed the ability to remotely wipe the data on the phone – excellent if it gets stolen. The HTC Desire was able to hold a charge for about 12 or less (depending on the usage). My HTC Titan can hold for 2 days and 6 hours on one charge – what a world!

Specifications of the phone can be found here.

That’s all for now folks, I hope some still reads this blog eventhough its updated like twice a year (I hope that’ll change too!).

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