Visual Studio 2005 & Random

Well I finally pulled myself together about two weeks ago (or more, who keeps a record anyway?) and decided I better finish updating my code projects to Visual Studio 2005, which I can say only have done me good!

Updating the code to conform the standards Visual Studio 2005 conforms have improved the performance significantly. So far I’ve only encoutered one bug, which likely is created by myself 😉

Besides that nothing interesting is really happening, did a bit of work on my model decompiler the other day which now retrieves information about the model, nothing too hard.
Which reminds me, I’m looking for one lucky person to test my model decompiler, write a comment and I’ll consider you 😛

Finally I did a little work on some shader stuff which resulted in a post process shader which basically inverts every color on screen, in realtime of course 🙂
Found some old shader code from the first edition of the Source SDK ever released, which resulted in this (after) previously this (before) 😉

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8 Responses to Visual Studio 2005 & Random

  1. Lamp says:

    Awesome. The invert shader thingy is really cool. But, do you know what happened to
    I’m a little lost. Good job on the model decompiler, too.

  2. ScarT^ says:

    Popbob hacked Viktor and Grigori’s accounts, and deleted everything on them.

    Viktor claims I had something to do with it, but gotta dissapoint him there 😉

  3. Lamp says:

    Oh, that sucks.

  4. no0od13s says:

    so is that what happened?
    i was wondering why the forums dissapeared.
    popbob that bastard. Viktor should have banned him again before he struck.

  5. ScarT^ says:

    Yeah that’s what happened, at least acording to popbob himself, Grigori isn’t really saying anything, and Viktor is basically being Viktor.

    Banning him wouldn’t have stopped him anyway.

  6. no0od13s says:

    yeah, i guess so.
    anyways good job with all of the stuff you have been doing, hopefully you will release something soon!!!

  7. Blake says:

    I demand that I get to help test / debug the model decompiler. Fuck some noodles.

  8. no0od13s says:

    fuck you blake.
    and viktor supposedly destroyed the forums, he confessed on grigori’s site.