Dark Interval. Half-Life 2: The Origin. Missing Information.

Welcome to 2012. This will be a great year for Missing Information. We’re planning at least one release this year, and hopefully loads of media will be published too! I’m glad to say that we’ve managed to more or less fix the notorious “Too many vertex format changes in frame, whole world not rendered” error with some fancy Area Portal work. Even though hunting down that error turned out to be quite time consuming I’ve had time (and more motivation) to work on other things. I’ve worked a bit on Industrial

These images are pretty good candidates for the world’s most boring media – and they’re not even official hah! Anyway. From time to time we see various modifications trying to remake that famous Raising the Bar story Valve published in 2004 with their “Half-Life 2: Raising the Bar” book. Most of them tend to fail fairly quick because they’re either not committed enough or simply doesn’t have the team for it. We’ve seen two modifications that’s been hanging in there for a while, and I’ve personally found it interesting to see their updates.

Dark Interval

My impression of this is basically Missing Information back in 2005-ish. There doesn’t seem to be anything particular they’re focusing on at first. They’ve released images of several different areas which suggests they’re pretty much working on everything at the same time. Latest media updates have shown the Manhack Arcade. The quality of their latest updates have certainly been a lot higher than the first few updates. It’s definitely a mod worth watching out for.

Half-Life 2: The Origin

These guys have changed their names a couple of times but it seems they’ve finally settled on “Half-Life 2: The Origin” (previously Half-Life 2 – Beta Source). Not sure what to say about this. They’ve posted buildings in their last couple of updates that’s basically model versions of buildings. While I haven’t seen them ingame, I’m fairly certain that it’ll give them loads of headaches (speaking from experience here).

Good luck to both mods though! Hopefully we’ll have some new media ready for you guys. I might be posting some more images of stuff I’m working on.

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