New template (yes, already!)

Doubt anyone read my previous post, since I didn’t really get the word out about my new host, to others than GabeN members in our IRC channel.

Whatever, I found a new template shortly after my previous post, made a few tweaks such as making it wider, and adding the pink roll over. All I need now is fixing the template looking for the wrong MySQL database in the Links section, readding my hitcouter, and some minor shit. Shouldn’t take more than two so it’ll probably be fixed when you read this

If anyone feel like it, do a nice 990×126 banner for me, whoever gives me the one I used will probably get some of my awesome stuff you can’t get anywhere. My awesome MDLDecompiler perhaps?

Other than that nothing is really going on, I’ve been busy with work and I plan getting myself shitfaced as fuck. Basically nothing new under the sun, real life related.

Final note, I guess, would be what I plan doing with this blog. Eventually I’ll update it with some programming, mapping and me messing around with the Source engine.

Got any suggestions for my template or something like that, feel free to drop a comment!

That’s all for now, fags. Stay tuned.
(Hurray for write alot of shit about basically nothing!)

Oh my God! Notice how gay the smilies are aligned, ultimate failure

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One Response to New template (yes, already!)

  1. Blake says:

    Purple rollovers still make you look like a faggot. Oh, and fix your links section.