Nightfall died, and release of my tools

So I was browsing around on Interlopers, which I haven’t done in a while but I got a private message there, so I had to check it. Of course I checked out every section there, and noticed in the news section there was a post with the topic “Development on Nightfall ceased.” which I of course had to read.

Full announcement from the Nightfall team can be found here.

One thing I’m going to do though, is getting in touch with Wraiyth and ask him for some of the content 😛

I was sitting in our (GabeN) IRC channel yesterday, and popbob suggested that I released some of my tools, a thing which I’ve never considered – but now is considering 🙂
The specific tools would be my MDL info tool which is actually pretty pointless to most, but quite useful to myself for obvious reasons 😉
Currently I haven’t decided which tools I’d consider releasing, since I’m quite busy with work right now which means I only got my free time to care about it. The weekends are filled with parties, which is quite awesome 🙂

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5 Responses to Nightfall died, and release of my tools

  1. Blake says:

    Lmao @ smilies. Fix yoru links. ETC. Love ya.

  2. Tono_Tako says:

    the new style of your blog looks better, but reminds me synergy mod, LOL.

  3. Popbob says:

    Get the fuck out, Mexican.

  4. ScarT^, if you decide the release of your mdl converting tool, it will be very useful for me…not ”pointless to most”, how you’ve wrote into your post 😛

  5. 6lak says:

    Are versions 35 and 36 supported?