Updated AI, moved and partying!

Figured it was time for a progress update so here it is!
I’ve been busy updating my code to get better performance and so on. Also made a few needed changes in the AI, nothing that’s notice able right now. Just makes it easier to manage the code for me 🙂

Whether you’ve noticed it for not, I’ve fixed my blog template completely, as far as I know. If you find any errors drop a comment please 😉 Thanks.

Oh, and if you’re wondering I’ve moved from my parents house into my own apartment, and I haven’t got my other computer yet, so no update in my tools 🙁 Though I sent a copy of them to myself yesterday, so I’ll be working on it saturday perhaps.

Tonight I’ve got yet another party to attend 😉 (Which means I’ll probably be hungover tomorrow)

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One Response to Updated AI, moved and partying!

  1. cdlink14 says:

    So when are we gonna see some updates to this hdr mod of yours. ? if you need i will compile some maps for you.