First post!

Well this is it! I’ve decided to start a development blog, about my messing around the leaked version of Half-Life 2, from september 2003, which suddenly seems to be quite popular 🙂

Now you’ll probably just think “oh no, not another idiot trying to be cool since he’s got the leak shit” – Well actually I’m just another idiot with the leaked shit, but! I’m going to fix that shit too 😉

There are a few simple rules around this site, and the usage of it etc., which would be as simple as

  • No leaked sourcecode at all!
  • Don’t ask where to find any of the leaked content
  • Don’t post filenames, or links to any leaked content
  • User created content for the leak is allowed to be posted
  • Don’t be an idiot (you’ll get banned for being a idiot)

Well I guess that’s it, hope to see some people around here posting comments etc. :)!

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2 Responses to First post!

  1. Viktor says:

    cool, nice page and stuff but the font color is a bit too dark ^^

  2. ScarT^ says:

    Yeah I know it’s a bit shitty right now, but as soon I get fix it I’ll do it 🙂