New toiletseat, Kleiners lab and Faceposer

Figured it’s time for a little update. Might interest some, or none at all but I really don’t have anything interesting to write about. It’s the 24th of December and I figured it was time to let people know that I’ve gotten a new toiletseat! Actually I got it about a week after breaking the old one.

Other than that nothings really going on, felt like installing Visual Studio 2008 on my laptop too, and remove Visual Studio 2005 since 2008 is just so much faster than 2005. That of course involved recompiling all my projects but oh well.

I’m currently at my parents house, which means I don’t have my main computer (only my laptop) so I decided to work a bit on Hammer. Since Blake seems to work more on Subt than I did, I was assigned to Kleiners lab instead.

Screens coming up sometime soon so stay tuned 🙂 !

Other than that I’m just sitting here, 7 a.m. feeling a bit bored so I’ve though abit about learning Faceposer, if I put something together I’ll be sure to post a video 😉

Happy holidays to all of you!

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One Response to New toiletseat, Kleiners lab and Faceposer

  1. Synaxis says:

    How bout releasing pics of your old and new toiletseat? 😀

    Anyway, hope to see some Vids of the Faceposer soon 😀 (some animal posing would be nice ^^)