One year, three days ago & internal testing…

Exactly one year and three days ago I made my first post on this blog! Noticed by random on the day, and figured I’d better write something about it, but couldn’t really come up with something to write about, so I didn’t.

Nothing’s really going on, I’m considering inviting a few people to an internal testing session. Thoughts, suggestions etc. on that, feel free to drop a comment 😉 I think that’s about it actually 🙄

Oh, and I got a new job last friday (4th).

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4 Responses to One year, three days ago & internal testing…

  1. Synaxis says:


    Whats your job, now?

    (I wanna get invited :D)

  2. Lamp says:

    I think the internal testing idea is great, as long as I’m in it 😀

    And what do you do in this new job of yours?

  3. Pawnstick says:

    ican i alphu tes???? ive done a lot for gaben like uh………………shit.

  4. Overseer says:

    Congrats on the job, let us know on here how the testing goes, ive been watching this project quietly for a long time now 😀