Le détective de l’Internet, Kleiners lab & Axel G.

So I decided that I want to be an Internet Detective, so I am now. This is probably going to be the lamest post on my blog ever, seeing as I actually wrote the topic, before the post something I never do. Gay.

I’ve been working a bit on Kleiners lab, for our project and it’s coming along nicely. Mainly I’ve focused on optimizing the brushwork at first, since it was really gay “out of the box”. Which in the end means, for now, no screens 🙁 I will post some soon, though!

Other than that nothings really happening, as usual. I were hanging out in our IRC channel, being awesome and stuff, like usual and Ago (Axel Gembe) decided to stop by. Pretty awesome 😛

I’m currently at my parents house (first weekend in ages I’m not attending at party, or drunk for that matter) which means I’ve “only” got my laptop. I found some old code, which I decided to fix up and do some awesome stuff with, though I’m having few problems with it right now, can’t really figure it out. Anyway, I think that’s about it. Now I feel really lame for writing such a stupid post, but it’s late here.


PS. New template soon, probably with the next update/post 😉 !

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One Response to Le détective de l’Internet, Kleiners lab & Axel G.

  1. iocator says:

    So what does an internet detective do then? What sort of cases are you looking into?