Team Fortress 2 (Invasion) models for retail

About a week ago (or more?) I was asked if I could port the models from the old Team Fortress 2 concept known as Invasion. I figured why not, but it turned out the decompiler we’ve got for the older formats didn’t fully understand the format, so I had to implement that properly. I found some old model format documents on my external harddrive and implemented support to the decompiler for v32, v35 and v36 model formats which should more or less all decompile properly.

Alien and Human commando from Team Fortress 2

The mesh files and some animation applied (I forgot which one, I just picked a random one)

Turns out Valve figured it could be fun rotating the collision models between model formats which means all v35/36 models are rotated one way, and everything above that is rotated in a completely diffeent way, thus resulting in some funky errors like these.

Collision model ohoy!
Collision model ohoy!

This wasn’t fixed, and I’m not sure I can be bothered to look more into it since there’s only a few models below the regular 37 version from the leak. I asked Snood to fix the collision models and he was up for it. A+!

Finally I got them both ported properly, but it seemed the Alien Commando kept crashing the model viewer but that seems to be a Alien Swarm branch related error (model handling is different in that). I haven’t looked into it, and I doubt I will.

Finally here’s a link to the models only a little late (hey I’ve been busy in real life as usual).

Got any questions or requests feel free to write below. I’d appreciate it if you kept the readme or left some credits somewhere (preferably a link to this blog) if you include these models in something. Thanks 🙂

(oh, and this got me started on porting the tf2 gameplay to retail for whatever reason, I was sufficiently bored when I started that project)

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