Progress report on my model decompiler & podcast

I haven’t really had anything to write about the last month, worked on my projects, done some coding, attended parties etc., the usual.

We did a podcast last weekend, where we answered some questions people had, and explained some other stuff we wanted to talk about. You can find the podcast here (will be registered as a official podcast eventually 🙂 )

I decided to work on my decompiler yesterday, because I was really bored. So far I nailed the outputting most the QC file correctly, and the basic bone setup of models. What I’m working on now, is getting the mesh generated properly, so far I’ve got the vertices placed correctly, the boneweights setup properly, only thing left todo is the normals which I know how to fix but I’m messing around with a few other things too!

Currently it outputs all the animations, but the bones aren’t setup correctly, which means the animations can’t be used, yet.
I you want to follow the progress, I’ll eventually upload some images here (2 images, yay!)

That’s all for now I guess. Oh, and yeah as you can see I’ve changed my blog style, which I said I’d do in my last post, in fact I did it the day after that posts, oh well lazy me 😛

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One Response to Progress report on my model decompiler & podcast

  1. Frost says:

    Lolz at those pics. It’s great to hear you’re working on this though. I look forward to whenever you may release it.