More podcasting & model workz

This is going to be a short one.
We did another podcast yesterday, it’s available here for your listening pleasure (or not).

I haven’t worked on my decompiler for about a month now, since I’m stuck and there’s not really anywhere or anyone to goto for help, so that sucks. But don’t fear! I’ve got another theory I’m going to check out soon, which will make everything much more easy!

In other model related news, Krunchy and Essel (those fags don’t have blogs, so no links) wrote a tool that updates models, that are e.g. version 32 to version 37, so they’re usable with our code.

Model patcher

I think that’s more or less it, I’m hungover right now so this post is probably shit but whatever. Oh, I bought a new phone. Haven’t arrived yet, so no pics yet.

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2 Responses to More podcasting & model workz

  1. Miles says:

    No one else gives comments, so I thought I would:

    Hopefully your new approach for the decompiler works. That model converter that those guys made is cool too… I just wish they would let me use it.

  2. Krunchy says:

    Go go gadget model converter!
    Your decompiler will probably make all that work we did useless though 😮