I messed up. Dead harddrive. Things going wrong.

It’s the end of the month. I promissed myself at the start of the month I’d see if I could write more frequently, well that’s not going very well. Anyway, here’s the monthly update.

I’ll start writing more on this blog, seeing that I might have more time now, for reasons I really don’t see. One of my harddrives died in my desktop, about a week ago, which means I lost loads of data. Krunchy hooked me up with a program called “SpinRite” which supposedly should be able to help me. Haven’t tried yet, since I wanted to wait till I received the external harddrive I ordered.

I’m currently at my parents house, to pick up my external harddrive (Western Digital My Book 500 GB) so I’ll probably be taking a look at that shit when I get back to my own place. No idea when that’ll be though.

I think this paragraph is supposed to say something smart, or wise. I got a new phone (Nokia 5310 XpressMusic) about four weeks ago. Broke it after three weeks because I messed up. It’s fixed though, think I’ll have it back tuesday if I’m lucky.

Last part of this post now. Which is going to suck. Hard. I don’t know whether I want to write about it or not, but I’ll do it anyway, since other GabeN members keeps telling me to blog about it instead of blabbering in IRC all the time.

Not sure where to start. I was drunk, and I was supposed to meet this girl later that night. Turns out I acted like an idiot towards her, again. I still feel bad about it. Something I don’t really do about anything.
Long story short, she slapped me and went home, I broke the screen on my new phone and with the power of magic managed to call her three times.

I’m sure I learned my lesson this time, I’ve decided to stop partying (read: drinking) as much as I’ve done in the past (well till about a week ago).

Well that was it. Now I feel like some emo fag. Think I’ll go write some poetry, cut myself while I listen to . Oh, I did some coding while on the train to my parents house, more about that later (soon) 🙂

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