X360. 2 months til 20. External harddrive.

I bought a Xbox 360 the day after my previous post. A mate was selling his, including two controllers, two games (Gears of War, Poker Championship), and a wireless network adapter. $290 and it was mine. Bought Call of Duty 4 on an online auction yesterday, so I’m expecting to have that tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll have my new phone back tomorrow too.

Haven’t really done anything coding, or modding wise for a long time which is kinda annoying. Spend all weekend drinking which means laying off the drinking isn’t going quite as planned. At least I know how to be nice to people while I’m drunk, instead of acting like an idiot all the time. 🙂

Now that I’ve got my external harddrive, I’m starting to think (oh shit!) about getting my data back from my desktop. Which is something I’ll look at tomorrow, if I have the time. Which I probably won’t have.

Last but not least. I realized today, there’s exactly two months today til I turn 20, which is a weird thought. I don’t feel that old at all.

God, this was a shitty post. Oh, forgot to mention in my previous post.

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  1. no0od13s says:

    do they have alcoholics anonymous in denmark? just wonderin. may work for you if you want to stop drinkin.