Death & Love. GabeN. Decompiler. NMRiH leaked.

Woah.! This post have been written loads of times in my head, mostly at work when there’s not really much to think about. It’s going to sound like some generic American movie, like American Pie: – Well I can’t think of any smart title so you’re going to have to come up with that yourself.

Things I could write in this post could be how I nearly died, how I passed out and didn’t know where I was when I woke, how I lost my tie or some of the other crazy stuff that happened since last post (only 19 days ago!) but it’s not going to be about any of those things.

Travis Q (Travis Quentin Carrey) died about two months ago, I realised that a few days ago when I needed some advice on something, that isn’t really important now. Travis Q died due to drowning 11th april 2008. His dinghy capsized off the coast of British Columbia near Kitamaat Village. Some people actually thought this was some sick joke. How you could be that fucked up to think GabeN would joke with something as serious as death? Enough about that.

Yet another paragraph starting with I. I was going to write something about the girl I mentioned in this post – I messed up. Dead harddrive. Things going wrong. but turns out I simply don’t know what to write. So I’m embedding a video from YouTube with London Beat. I heard it on the radio, I already knew the song, but it simply overwelmed me so I stopped working without noticing. The lyrics more or less says everything.

I was bored like any other day, and figured it was time to work on my decompiler again. Kyle made some stuff that would make us able to get the newly introduced jigglebones QC parameters.

Finally No More Room in Hell was leaked last friday by our awesome Rapidshare supplier BosmouZ. Props to him for mentioning GabeN in the NFO ;D – Surprisingly haven’t we been blamed for this one, yet. Everything except the latest (binaries) source code was leaked. Which means the original source for models, maps and some materials are out there.

Protip for people with access to important stuff like that: Don’t use “4554” as your password.

Rounding up this post I’ll just mention these things quickly. I’m not going to be drunk once this weekend (which is almost over, really). Woah.! Huh? I did some work on Kleiners lab a few days ago, and I’m about to do some more. Blake’s power supply died, so I’m buying a new one for him next week. That’s right. I’m buying a new power supply to a somewhat stranger. That’s what GabeN do!

This has got to be the weirdest post ever, seeing it mostly involves real life stuff. Something I never imagined I’d use this blog for. Who cares.

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