Awesome weekend. Random girls. Phone problems. Leaky world. Decompiler. Threats.

Warning: Long post a head. Too long to read edition below!

Woah.! The previous weekend has got to be the most awesome in a long time! The party friday was just perfect. Probably because I was drunk more or less all day and night. There was this big party in the city I live in. We started out right when I got home from work, watching some people play sports etc. went home got ready. There was a couple of weird situations though, when I arrived at the party again, this girl came up to me.

Apparently she knew me, but I didn’t know too much about her, I’d only talked to her twice. Sadly she disappeared. So a mate and I went to another city. Met some friends which went home relatively fast, and my friend disappeared with some girl. To be honest I’m not sure how it happened but I found myself talking to some other girl, long story short I spend the rest of the night with her and lost my last tie (lost my red tie a few weeks ago to some other girls, those bitches!).

We planned going to McDonalds when we woke up, but we somehow ended up playing minigolf while getting drunk again, which I sucked at (minigolf that is).

Last personal thing. I had some trouble with my phone about two weeks ago, I couldn’t do shit. I didn’t feel like sending it to Nokia so they could take care of it, instead I spend saturday fixing it. Works perfect now, due to my awesome talents. Lost one number, but who cares?

Enough personal shit.
I just opened Visual Studio and I’m getting ready to work on LogThatShit, which is a note tool I’ve been needing for a while. Furthermore it’s my delving into C# and the .NET Framework. Originally LogThatShit was supposed to be a small tool GabeN could use for creating changelogs easily, but I’ve been coming up with a shit load of awesome ideas and things I want to try out. Turns out I forgot a shit load too. I used to write notes in Notepad, but I lost everything to a Blue Screen of Death (I didn’t save it ;D).

Things related to my work with the Source engine. I decided I wanted to update the VGUI panels, fixing a few memory leaks, and getting those smooth corners like retail have. Progress images can be found here. I’m looking into doing some alpha stuff like retail (too!) but I’m having trouble wrapping my head around that right now.

I mentioned my decompiler in the last post, but I forgot to mention what I had really done. Guess I was way too focussed on embedding that YouTube video!? Anyway. I’ve figured out why it looks like this. The decompiler doesn’t parent the vertices to the correct bone. I know what to do, I just need to write the code which I can’t wrap my head around either 😐 The mesh isn’t really that important, since Bob The Builder released his 3DS Max importer before he got a bunch of legal threats from Valve (I doubt you’re reading this Bob, but contact me if you are). What we really need is the animations and QC file. My decompiler already generates the QC file more or less perfectly (old QC examples can be found here).

Some of you might already know, but I still think it’s worth mentioning. Pawnstick and I opened our own forum, since we’re just awesome at everything we do. So why the hell not? Which brings me to this. This time it isn’t GabeN that’s getting blamed for shit, but actually Odessa’s Leaky World.
Of course we aren’t taking threats from a 15 year old kid who can’t manage his own shitty phpBB2 forum. It actually made me laugh so much my stomach hurt 🙁

I think that was all for now, I think this is the longest post so far, but I was waiting for the train at the time, so I didn’t really know what to do.

Nigger please! Too long to read!
Drunken stories in the first paragraphs, programming, GabeN, decompiler and Odessa’s Leaky World in the last paragraphs.

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  1. no0od13s says:

    you need to buy more fucking ties.