Did I fail? GabeN Beta. Viktors suicide. Decompiler leaked.

A lot of weird and random stuff happened since last time I wrote anything here, and I feel like summingit all up (before it’s too late, or whatever (I tend to forget stuff (parenthesis in parenthesis))).

First of all I got my black tie back, so hurray for that! Secondly I’m starting to feel old, guess it’s about time, I just realised there’s only five (5th of July) days till I’m turning 20 😮 Also, did I fail? Reading my own post over again makes me laugh, and it hurts. ;D

June 11th, 2008 (WORLDWIDE!) Team GabeN started accepting applications for our beta, if you feel you’ve got what it takes, and want to be a part of it, sign up! Make sure you read Junk’s post on it.

I “accidently” posted a link to my decompiler in IRC a few weeks ago (I think?) and Lamp got a hold of it, leaked it. Oh how we laughed at the idiots complaining it was broken! Other than that it’s going quite well with the decompiler (except for the fact I haven’t worked on it in a while). I ditched the mesh for a while, and I’m currently only focusing on animations and the QC script.

Viktor finally commited suicide, at least that’s what we’ve been told (I’m working on getting it confirmed). If I recall correctly he did it the 17th of June, 2008. As a tribute to Viktor, he’s going to be featured in our Half-Life 2 story line, and I set up this directory of images that’s been made over the years to make fun of him. Make sure you’ve got this song in the background while looking at those images! Honestly though, I always found Viktor awesome as hell for so many reasons (hence why I made this).

First a warning, parts of this paragraph will contain strong sarcasm!
Guess it’s time to confess. GabeN did it. We paid his parents to pick on their autistic son (yes Viktor suffered from autism) just like we paid Kevin Mitnick to deface shitty Internet forums. Last big confession. GabeN also paid Osama Bin Laden to arrange 9/11. That’s right. GabeN got access to an insane amount of money we spend on making other peoples life miserable.

Last thing. God I’m glad I finally listened to the advise my friends have been giving me for a LONG time!
I think that was about it, I probably forgot something, but I always do.

See you around guys!

(Also, what’s up with all the parenthesis in this post?)

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  1. no0od13s says:

    Did you buy more fucking ties yet?