Roskilde Festival. Dead harddrive. I’m awesome!

This one goes out to my big sister! Peace nigger!

1st of July
I took off to Roskilde Festival, and what a fucking awesome experience! The trainride took about 5 hours and was boring as hell. I found myself standing alone at Roskilde Central Station having no idea where to go. Pretty quickly I found a girl in the exact same situation as me (it was her first time too). We decided that we might as well go together, and found our way pretty fast.
Met some other random girl that asked if I couldn’t pretend to be Swedish. Sure I could! Suddenly she was all over me, until one of my friends yelled shit about my cock, suddenly she was running away instead. Hilarious!
Only attended one concert that day – Casiokids (Danish), which was surprisingly good!

2nd of July
One concert again, another band I didn’t know – BETA Satan (again surprisingly good).

3rd of July
First big bands were going to give concert today. Artists such as Radiohead, Teitur, MGMT, Duffy & Bullet for My Valentine. (18 artists all in all that day – full schedule here).
I attented Radiohead, Teitur and The Dø (Finnish artist), and probably some I don’t remember.

4th of July
44 bands today (schedule)!
I didn’t really go to any of the big concerts, only passed by. A friend and I got lost from our group so we roamed around like idiots. Decided to hear Band of Horses, followed by random roaming around. We managed to hear Gnarls Barkley‘s biggest hits, hear most of VETO‘s concert, and finally decided to find a place to sit which just happened to be at Kings of Leon concert at the Orange Stage. I managed to got lost from the entire group so I decided to hangout with some girls which gave me free wine – laugh out loud. Roaming around with those bitches and hearing The Streets, Spleen United and finally Familjen was just awesome!

Especially The Streets was awesome, has to be the best concert of my life (so far?)! You just had to be there!

5th of July
47 artists (schedule)
My 20th birthday! And what a day! Must have been the best birthday ever! Free beer from random people, naked interview on Australian TV, and so many other great experiences! My big sister and I already started celebrating at the The Streets and Familjen concerts and some random dude gave me three beers – awesome!
I attended The Fashion, Neil Young and somewhat The Chemical Brothers.
Oh, and apparently you MUST have your goddamn phone on you all the time, even when it doesn’t have any power left, so you can reply to peoples text messages RIGHT AWAY! Not doing so will make them annoyed and angry. Whatever.

6th of July
Going home, work tomorrow. Had to return some stuff I borrowed from random people so I started out going to my big sisters camp and give her the t-shirt I borrowed from her. Next up the girl that slept in my tent, she forgot her pants and shoes :D

Overall it was one of the best experiences of my life, for sure!

GabeN matters and things not related to Roskilde Festival now!

I’ve been working on some decompiler stuff lately. Posted a thread on HL2W and Skidz gave me some great ideas and made me look better at the SMD format, so I figured out why the mesh comes out wrong, but I haven’t delt with it yet – since it more or less require me to rewrite the entire thing 🙁

Oh and I managed to recover everything I needed from my dead old harddrive, so hurray for that.

Not sure all of this post makes sense, I wrote it over several days and couldn’t be bothered to read it through due to my hangover. Which reminds me. I’m so fucking awesome when I’m drunk!

Can’t be bothered to write more here, bet you haven’t read half of it anyway so whatever.

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