Time to clarify a few things!

This is just something I’m posting to clarify a few things people got wrong.

First of all, Junk didn’t leave GabeN. It was a joke post we did for more lulz, and it worked quite nicely. Thanks for the team players from this Steam Group, you helped us with more laughs!

Secondly Pawnstick didn’t hijack any YouTube accounts, especially not this one. To prove it, check this out.

Go figure who did, by looking at that image. And when you do please post it in the comments and you’ll get a spot on the GabeN beta, once that goes live.

Stuff not related to this dumb drama. I’ve been really busy lately, and I do plan on updating this blog soon. Expect a big update!

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Update. New system. September 30th.

Alot have happened since last time I posted anything here, and at the same time nothing have really happened. I bought myself a new system. Specifications are

    Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 2032BW
    CPU: Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00GHz
    Motherboard: ASUS P5K SE/EPU
    Memory: OCZ Reaper HPC Edition Dual Channel – 4 GB (2×2 GB) – 1066 MHz / PC2-8500
    GPU: MSI nVidia Geforce 7900GTO
    OS: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Ultimate (SP1) 64-Bit

The reason for using such an outdated GPU right now, is the lack of money. I’m planning on buying a nVidia Geforce 260GTX. The 7900 is an old one my dad used to have, but his powersupply crashed and damanged the GPU. Which gives me awesome glitches in games. Laugh out loud. Downclocking it a bit helps a little.

When I ordered parts of my system I ordered my memory from some Swedish online shop. Which turned out to be a big waste of time, and money apparently. I cancelled the order, but I just found out today they still withdrew the money. Fuckers. So now I have to deal with that retarded shit.

I decided to go with Windows Vista 64-bit. I heard a shitload of dumb stuff about 64-bit operating systems and Vista from a bunch of idiots that don’t know shit nor have tried it themselves. I wanted to experience it for myself, which I certainly don’t regret. Everything is just so much faster.

We’ve made some progress in Team GabeN last month. Nothing big and exciting but I guess it’s worth mentioning. Using 64-bit Vista broke the leak since it doesn’t support 64-bit, we fixed that (turned out to be alot simpler than first anticipated). A bunch of other, minor bugs, were fixed too. On the mapping part, Junk have posted some awesome stuff from our Terminal map.

I, of course, have to mention my decompiler as usual. I’ve done some work mostly with animations. Current output it gives (well June 16th) can be seen here. Unfortunately only a few modelling applications support these messed up animations (3ds max 7 will).

Other than that nothing’s really happening. Only alot of personal shit I don’t feel like blabbering about here, and some internal GabeN stuff we aren’t talking about (yet?). Last but not least I predict this week will be shitty. I actually were going to mention shit about the leaking of Half-Life 2 (as most people know GabeN have been in touch with Axel G., and therefor knows a bit more about all of it 😉 )

Let me just say these last words for now “September 30th. Worldwide”

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Roskilde Festival. Dead harddrive. I’m awesome!

This one goes out to my big sister! Peace nigger!

1st of July
I took off to Roskilde Festival, and what a fucking awesome experience! The trainride took about 5 hours and was boring as hell. I found myself standing alone at Roskilde Central Station having no idea where to go. Pretty quickly I found a girl in the exact same situation as me (it was her first time too). We decided that we might as well go together, and found our way pretty fast.
Met some other random girl that asked if I couldn’t pretend to be Swedish. Sure I could! Suddenly she was all over me, until one of my friends yelled shit about my cock, suddenly she was running away instead. Hilarious!
Only attended one concert that day – Casiokids (Danish), which was surprisingly good!

2nd of July
One concert again, another band I didn’t know – BETA Satan (again surprisingly good).

3rd of July
First big bands were going to give concert today. Artists such as Radiohead, Teitur, MGMT, Duffy & Bullet for My Valentine. (18 artists all in all that day – full schedule here).
I attented Radiohead, Teitur and The Dø (Finnish artist), and probably some I don’t remember.

4th of July
44 bands today (schedule)!
I didn’t really go to any of the big concerts, only passed by. A friend and I got lost from our group so we roamed around like idiots. Decided to hear Band of Horses, followed by random roaming around. We managed to hear Gnarls Barkley‘s biggest hits, hear most of VETO‘s concert, and finally decided to find a place to sit which just happened to be at Kings of Leon concert at the Orange Stage. I managed to got lost from the entire group so I decided to hangout with some girls which gave me free wine – laugh out loud. Roaming around with those bitches and hearing The Streets, Spleen United and finally Familjen was just awesome!

Especially The Streets was awesome, has to be the best concert of my life (so far?)! You just had to be there!

5th of July
47 artists (schedule)
My 20th birthday! And what a day! Must have been the best birthday ever! Free beer from random people, naked interview on Australian TV, and so many other great experiences! My big sister and I already started celebrating at the The Streets and Familjen concerts and some random dude gave me three beers – awesome!
I attended The Fashion, Neil Young and somewhat The Chemical Brothers.
Oh, and apparently you MUST have your goddamn phone on you all the time, even when it doesn’t have any power left, so you can reply to peoples text messages RIGHT AWAY! Not doing so will make them annoyed and angry. Whatever.

6th of July
Going home, work tomorrow. Had to return some stuff I borrowed from random people so I started out going to my big sisters camp and give her the t-shirt I borrowed from her. Next up the girl that slept in my tent, she forgot her pants and shoes :D

Overall it was one of the best experiences of my life, for sure!

GabeN matters and things not related to Roskilde Festival now!

I’ve been working on some decompiler stuff lately. Posted a thread on HL2W and Skidz gave me some great ideas and made me look better at the SMD format, so I figured out why the mesh comes out wrong, but I haven’t delt with it yet – since it more or less require me to rewrite the entire thing 🙁

Oh and I managed to recover everything I needed from my dead old harddrive, so hurray for that.

Not sure all of this post makes sense, I wrote it over several days and couldn’t be bothered to read it through due to my hangover. Which reminds me. I’m so fucking awesome when I’m drunk!

Can’t be bothered to write more here, bet you haven’t read half of it anyway so whatever.

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Did I fail? GabeN Beta. Viktors suicide. Decompiler leaked.

A lot of weird and random stuff happened since last time I wrote anything here, and I feel like summingit all up (before it’s too late, or whatever (I tend to forget stuff (parenthesis in parenthesis))).

First of all I got my black tie back, so hurray for that! Secondly I’m starting to feel old, guess it’s about time, I just realised there’s only five (5th of July) days till I’m turning 20 😮 Also, did I fail? Reading my own post over again makes me laugh, and it hurts. ;D

June 11th, 2008 (WORLDWIDE!) Team GabeN started accepting applications for our beta, if you feel you’ve got what it takes, and want to be a part of it, sign up! Make sure you read Junk’s post on it.

I “accidently” posted a link to my decompiler in IRC a few weeks ago (I think?) and Lamp got a hold of it, leaked it. Oh how we laughed at the idiots complaining it was broken! Other than that it’s going quite well with the decompiler (except for the fact I haven’t worked on it in a while). I ditched the mesh for a while, and I’m currently only focusing on animations and the QC script.

Viktor finally commited suicide, at least that’s what we’ve been told (I’m working on getting it confirmed). If I recall correctly he did it the 17th of June, 2008. As a tribute to Viktor, he’s going to be featured in our Half-Life 2 story line, and I set up this directory of images that’s been made over the years to make fun of him. Make sure you’ve got this song in the background while looking at those images! Honestly though, I always found Viktor awesome as hell for so many reasons (hence why I made this).

First a warning, parts of this paragraph will contain strong sarcasm!
Guess it’s time to confess. GabeN did it. We paid his parents to pick on their autistic son (yes Viktor suffered from autism) just like we paid Kevin Mitnick to deface shitty Internet forums. Last big confession. GabeN also paid Osama Bin Laden to arrange 9/11. That’s right. GabeN got access to an insane amount of money we spend on making other peoples life miserable.

Last thing. God I’m glad I finally listened to the advise my friends have been giving me for a LONG time!
I think that was about it, I probably forgot something, but I always do.

See you around guys!

(Also, what’s up with all the parenthesis in this post?)

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Awesome weekend. Random girls. Phone problems. Leaky world. Decompiler. Threats.

Warning: Long post a head. Too long to read edition below!

Woah.! The previous weekend has got to be the most awesome in a long time! The party friday was just perfect. Probably because I was drunk more or less all day and night. There was this big party in the city I live in. We started out right when I got home from work, watching some people play sports etc. went home got ready. There was a couple of weird situations though, when I arrived at the party again, this girl came up to me.

Apparently she knew me, but I didn’t know too much about her, I’d only talked to her twice. Sadly she disappeared. So a mate and I went to another city. Met some friends which went home relatively fast, and my friend disappeared with some girl. To be honest I’m not sure how it happened but I found myself talking to some other girl, long story short I spend the rest of the night with her and lost my last tie (lost my red tie a few weeks ago to some other girls, those bitches!).

We planned going to McDonalds when we woke up, but we somehow ended up playing minigolf while getting drunk again, which I sucked at (minigolf that is).

Last personal thing. I had some trouble with my phone about two weeks ago, I couldn’t do shit. I didn’t feel like sending it to Nokia so they could take care of it, instead I spend saturday fixing it. Works perfect now, due to my awesome talents. Lost one number, but who cares?

Enough personal shit.
I just opened Visual Studio and I’m getting ready to work on LogThatShit, which is a note tool I’ve been needing for a while. Furthermore it’s my delving into C# and the .NET Framework. Originally LogThatShit was supposed to be a small tool GabeN could use for creating changelogs easily, but I’ve been coming up with a shit load of awesome ideas and things I want to try out. Turns out I forgot a shit load too. I used to write notes in Notepad, but I lost everything to a Blue Screen of Death (I didn’t save it ;D).

Things related to my work with the Source engine. I decided I wanted to update the VGUI panels, fixing a few memory leaks, and getting those smooth corners like retail have. Progress images can be found here. I’m looking into doing some alpha stuff like retail (too!) but I’m having trouble wrapping my head around that right now.

I mentioned my decompiler in the last post, but I forgot to mention what I had really done. Guess I was way too focussed on embedding that YouTube video!? Anyway. I’ve figured out why it looks like this. The decompiler doesn’t parent the vertices to the correct bone. I know what to do, I just need to write the code which I can’t wrap my head around either 😐 The mesh isn’t really that important, since Bob The Builder released his 3DS Max importer before he got a bunch of legal threats from Valve (I doubt you’re reading this Bob, but contact me if you are). What we really need is the animations and QC file. My decompiler already generates the QC file more or less perfectly (old QC examples can be found here).

Some of you might already know, but I still think it’s worth mentioning. Pawnstick and I opened our own forum, since we’re just awesome at everything we do. So why the hell not? Which brings me to this. This time it isn’t GabeN that’s getting blamed for shit, but actually Odessa’s Leaky World.
Of course we aren’t taking threats from a 15 year old kid who can’t manage his own shitty phpBB2 forum. It actually made me laugh so much my stomach hurt 🙁

I think that was all for now, I think this is the longest post so far, but I was waiting for the train at the time, so I didn’t really know what to do.

Nigger please! Too long to read!
Drunken stories in the first paragraphs, programming, GabeN, decompiler and Odessa’s Leaky World in the last paragraphs.

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Death & Love. GabeN. Decompiler. NMRiH leaked.

Woah.! This post have been written loads of times in my head, mostly at work when there’s not really much to think about. It’s going to sound like some generic American movie, like American Pie: – Well I can’t think of any smart title so you’re going to have to come up with that yourself.

Things I could write in this post could be how I nearly died, how I passed out and didn’t know where I was when I woke, how I lost my tie or some of the other crazy stuff that happened since last post (only 19 days ago!) but it’s not going to be about any of those things.

Travis Q (Travis Quentin Carrey) died about two months ago, I realised that a few days ago when I needed some advice on something, that isn’t really important now. Travis Q died due to drowning 11th april 2008. His dinghy capsized off the coast of British Columbia near Kitamaat Village. Some people actually thought this was some sick joke. How you could be that fucked up to think GabeN would joke with something as serious as death? Enough about that.

Yet another paragraph starting with I. I was going to write something about the girl I mentioned in this post – I messed up. Dead harddrive. Things going wrong. but turns out I simply don’t know what to write. So I’m embedding a video from YouTube with London Beat. I heard it on the radio, I already knew the song, but it simply overwelmed me so I stopped working without noticing. The lyrics more or less says everything.

I was bored like any other day, and figured it was time to work on my decompiler again. Kyle made some stuff that would make us able to get the newly introduced jigglebones QC parameters.

Finally No More Room in Hell was leaked last friday by our awesome Rapidshare supplier BosmouZ. Props to him for mentioning GabeN in the NFO ;D – Surprisingly haven’t we been blamed for this one, yet. Everything except the latest (binaries) source code was leaked. Which means the original source for models, maps and some materials are out there.

Protip for people with access to important stuff like that: Don’t use “4554” as your password.

Rounding up this post I’ll just mention these things quickly. I’m not going to be drunk once this weekend (which is almost over, really). Woah.! Huh? I did some work on Kleiners lab a few days ago, and I’m about to do some more. Blake’s power supply died, so I’m buying a new one for him next week. That’s right. I’m buying a new power supply to a somewhat stranger. That’s what GabeN do!

This has got to be the weirdest post ever, seeing it mostly involves real life stuff. Something I never imagined I’d use this blog for. Who cares.

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X360. 2 months til 20. External harddrive.

I bought a Xbox 360 the day after my previous post. A mate was selling his, including two controllers, two games (Gears of War, Poker Championship), and a wireless network adapter. $290 and it was mine. Bought Call of Duty 4 on an online auction yesterday, so I’m expecting to have that tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll have my new phone back tomorrow too.

Haven’t really done anything coding, or modding wise for a long time which is kinda annoying. Spend all weekend drinking which means laying off the drinking isn’t going quite as planned. At least I know how to be nice to people while I’m drunk, instead of acting like an idiot all the time. 🙂

Now that I’ve got my external harddrive, I’m starting to think (oh shit!) about getting my data back from my desktop. Which is something I’ll look at tomorrow, if I have the time. Which I probably won’t have.

Last but not least. I realized today, there’s exactly two months today til I turn 20, which is a weird thought. I don’t feel that old at all.

God, this was a shitty post. Oh, forgot to mention in my previous post.

Junk jumped the blog bandwaggon! Check it out.

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I messed up. Dead harddrive. Things going wrong.

It’s the end of the month. I promissed myself at the start of the month I’d see if I could write more frequently, well that’s not going very well. Anyway, here’s the monthly update.

I’ll start writing more on this blog, seeing that I might have more time now, for reasons I really don’t see. One of my harddrives died in my desktop, about a week ago, which means I lost loads of data. Krunchy hooked me up with a program called “SpinRite” which supposedly should be able to help me. Haven’t tried yet, since I wanted to wait till I received the external harddrive I ordered.

I’m currently at my parents house, to pick up my external harddrive (Western Digital My Book 500 GB) so I’ll probably be taking a look at that shit when I get back to my own place. No idea when that’ll be though.

I think this paragraph is supposed to say something smart, or wise. I got a new phone (Nokia 5310 XpressMusic) about four weeks ago. Broke it after three weeks because I messed up. It’s fixed though, think I’ll have it back tuesday if I’m lucky.

Last part of this post now. Which is going to suck. Hard. I don’t know whether I want to write about it or not, but I’ll do it anyway, since other GabeN members keeps telling me to blog about it instead of blabbering in IRC all the time.

Not sure where to start. I was drunk, and I was supposed to meet this girl later that night. Turns out I acted like an idiot towards her, again. I still feel bad about it. Something I don’t really do about anything.
Long story short, she slapped me and went home, I broke the screen on my new phone and with the power of magic managed to call her three times.

I’m sure I learned my lesson this time, I’ve decided to stop partying (read: drinking) as much as I’ve done in the past (well till about a week ago).

Well that was it. Now I feel like some emo fag. Think I’ll go write some poetry, cut myself while I listen to . Oh, I did some coding while on the train to my parents house, more about that later (soon) 🙂

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More podcasting & model workz

This is going to be a short one.
We did another podcast yesterday, it’s available here for your listening pleasure (or not).

I haven’t worked on my decompiler for about a month now, since I’m stuck and there’s not really anywhere or anyone to goto for help, so that sucks. But don’t fear! I’ve got another theory I’m going to check out soon, which will make everything much more easy!

In other model related news, Krunchy and Essel (those fags don’t have blogs, so no links) wrote a tool that updates models, that are e.g. version 32 to version 37, so they’re usable with our code.

Model patcher

I think that’s more or less it, I’m hungover right now so this post is probably shit but whatever. Oh, I bought a new phone. Haven’t arrived yet, so no pics yet.

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Progress report on my model decompiler & podcast

I haven’t really had anything to write about the last month, worked on my projects, done some coding, attended parties etc., the usual.

We did a podcast last weekend, where we answered some questions people had, and explained some other stuff we wanted to talk about. You can find the podcast here (will be registered as a official podcast eventually 🙂 )

I decided to work on my decompiler yesterday, because I was really bored. So far I nailed the outputting most the QC file correctly, and the basic bone setup of models. What I’m working on now, is getting the mesh generated properly, so far I’ve got the vertices placed correctly, the boneweights setup properly, only thing left todo is the normals which I know how to fix but I’m messing around with a few other things too!

Currently it outputs all the animations, but the bones aren’t setup correctly, which means the animations can’t be used, yet.
I you want to follow the progress, I’ll eventually upload some images here (2 images, yay!)

That’s all for now I guess. Oh, and yeah as you can see I’ve changed my blog style, which I said I’d do in my last post, in fact I did it the day after that posts, oh well lazy me 😛

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